The best thing about my job is my clients! I had this couple in today from Temecula; she had a bikini wax and he had a male brazilian. Just really sweet and they drove to see me which I think is a huge compliment. I think that because I am a registered nurse it puts clients at ease. Being a registered nurse shows ability and compassion; two qualities that are important in a waxer. I guess if you can insert a nasogastric tube you probably can wax. If you’ve seen people in life death situations you probably can understand their discomfort during waxing.

My goal is to get the distinction of “Best Male Waxer in San Diego Area“. I’ve been doing male brazilians for 2 years now and have done many, many brazilians. I had to develop my technique on my own and see what worked. At this moment I don’t think I can improve on the male brazilian—-it works great!!!!!

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