A Day in the Life of a Waxer!


I had a new male client today who scheduled a brazilian waxing and was not able to confirm him before he came for his waxing so I was not sure he was going to come. I was waxing another male client’s back and shoulders and we were chatting it up as we usually do and the doorbell rang. I answered it and a guy stood there and I said, oh you are my 10 am client, please be patient I am just finishing up my previous client. So he says, no I can’t stay my wife is unsure about the brazilian wax but I want to pay you for your time and maybe come back at another time. I laugh and say sure, don’t rock the boat, just come back when you are ready; not really understanding what just transpired.

I go back to my back and shoulder’s wax and he is laughing and says just what happened? So, I explained that the guy just changed his mind about a brazilian waxing and my client goes, ” What, you wax men down there?” I go sure, I thought you knew that! (He’s been coming to get his back waxed for 2 1/2 years) Its no big deal and I said why don’t you get a brazilian and of course that sets him off and he says, no way you are not seeing that part! Anyway, it was all kind of comical and just a day in the life of a waxer!
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