What Is An Ingrown Hair?


An ingrown hair is a hair that gets trapped underneath the surface of the skin. If the growing hair is not able to exit the pore (follicle), its only option is to curl back into the skin.  Ingrown hairs can appear to lie flat under the skin, or they can turn back into the follicle creating an infection that is red and bumpy.

Ingrown hairs most often occur in clients with thick, coarse and/or curly hair and in those who have a buildup of dead skin cells and dry or dehydrated skin.

Friction and improper shaving or waxing techniques and diposition to them are all causes.  Some common areas that they occur are in the waistband area, the upper groin and the lower legs.   The ingrown hairs that lie flat are most interesting because there is no bump, one can see the hair and when you try to pick it up, it is not reachable because it is under a layer of skin.

I have come across a couple of clients who have developed ingrown hair so bad that they had to stop shaving or waxing.  Some people have a natural disposition to them even with frequent exfoliation.

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