Waxing and Your Skin


Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging.  Skin changes are related to environmental factors , genetic makeup, nutrition, and sun exposure.  With aging, the outer layer of the skin thins, even though the number of cell layers remain unchanged. Blood vessels of the dermis change and become more fragile.  The underlying fat layer thins reducing its normal insulation and padding.

I have many clients who are in their late 40’s and on up who want a male brazilian and especially in the men I have noticed that as they age their skin is thinner especially in the scrotal area and  the inner thigh where the leg meets the groin.  This is compounded if they are on a baby aspirin regimen or taking other medication.  Steroids especially can thin the skin and in some cases blood pressure medication can do the same.  Pregnancy can also thin the skin in the groin area and many gals want a brazilian waxing because it feels cleaner and fresher (I usually tell pregnant women who are having a problem to quit waxing till after the baby is born).

For these clients I have to be very careful with my waxing technique; I notice they bruise easier and they are prone to skin tears.  What I advise them to do is to exfoliate the area which means to take a loofah or a synthetic poofy, add body wash to it and gently scrub the genital area and inner thigh. This removes dead skin cells and lets fresh skin cells come to the surface that are stronger and fresher.  I have found that this works really well and most have seen less bruising and the skin appears stronger and can tolerate the waxing just fine.

In some cases, if exfoliation does not help boost the skin and the client has to continue their medication or their lifestyle as it is; its best that they don’t wax.

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