The Second Five Commandments Post Waxing


A good habit to get into after a brazilian wax is to apply an ingrown hair inhibitor such as “PFB Vanish” which is applied to the brazilian or bikini area to stave off ingrown hairs which form when hairs growing back after waxing fail to grow out of the skin. The hairs curl over the inside the follicles under the skin and create an unsightly bump that can be painful especially if it becomes infected.

Occasionally, a raw spot may occur during waxing in the brazilian area especially if the hair is too short and the area is repeatedly waxed or the skin is prone to breakdown. In those cases it is advantageous to apply some Polysporin Ointment to soothe the affected area and to speed healing and prevent infection.

You may also need some ibuprofen after the brazilian or bikini waxing if your muscles are sore from the waxing positions you needed to assume. I always ask my clients after they are on the table to open like they are in a yoga position and I get a lot of blank stares. The command “hands and knees butt in the air” often gets chuckes as well.

Waxers always try to do their best but if you find some stray hairs in the brazilian area and they bother you, tweeze them out. Do not attempt to shave them, this only inhibits the benefits of waxing.

And….make your next appointment! It helps you stick to a schedule.
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