Sand Away Your Hair Instead of Waxing?


I laugh out loud at some of the beauty articles I read. The latest is about sanding your hair away instead of waxing or any other hair removal option. I am appalled that the writer of this article thinks that this is a viable solution.

I have been commenting on how there have been some incidences of infection from poor waxing technique and I wonder how much infection is going to result if people start sand papering the hair on their arms and legs. What about sandpapering the brazilian area? Is that next?

They say this works and its packaged as Smooth Away but if I went out in the garage and got a piece of sandpaper and rubbed my arm in a circular motion the hair would probably disappear. So would a couple of layers of my skin but in the article they say this is great exfoliation. Now what will happen when as the result of sandpapering my arm, sores result? The article makes a joke about leg scabs, but seriously sores can lead to infection and I cannot believe an article in a newspaper is really telling people to do this.

The truth of the matter is that sandpapering will achieve the same result as shaving, the hair is not pulled from the follicle, it is just removed from the surface. However, shaving is way safer, one may nick oneself from time to time but you don’t take off layers of skin.

I don’t get it, does the media think we are idiots?
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