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Most people are terrified of waxing…especially the genital area.  But talk to those who get a brazilian wax on a regular basis and they swear by it.  They love the smooth feeling afterwards and how long they are hair free.  The volume of hair is decreased and what does come back is softer and finer.

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But…after watching movies like The 40 –  Year – Old Virgin and YouTube, it is understandable that one could be scared.  The first thing that you should do is go to a reputable person, one that has experience in brazilian waxing.  So many people only shop price, they do not look at the salon; the esthetician that is going to do the service; the cleanliness of the establishment.  

How can you ensure that your waxing is going to be as painless as possible?  A few days before your waxing use a skin prep product a few days before that your esthetician has recommended.  What this does is clean out the follicles so that the hair comes out easier with less chance of infection, rash or skin lifting.  The one is like is PFB Vanish but if you are allergic to aspirin, this is not an option for you because many of these products contain salicylic acid.

Find out what type of wax the esthetician is going to use on you.  Generally, most use either a strip(soft) or a hard wax.  Soft wax adheres to the skin (it is removed with a strip) and removes some skin cells with it.  This can be fine as long as the esthetician has good technique.  Hard wax in most situations is gentler because it adheres to the hair and not to the skin; there are no strips involved, it is used on smaller areas and an edge of the wax is lifted to remove it.  I generally use a combination of both waxes; an experienced esthetician will know what will work best for you.  The key here is use an experienced esthetician.

Post care after a brazilian wax is important too.  Wait 24 hours and use a post waxing product which encourages straight hair growth.  It is often the same one you used for prep before the waxing.  It keeps the follicles  and clean,  therefore encouraging straight hair growth.  Once the waxed area has returned to its normal state don’t forget to exfoliate gently in the shower for at least one week or longer if you have sensitive skin or are taking medications.  Gentle exfoliation with a loofah or light scrub conditions the skin by removing dead cells so when the incoming hair breaks the surface it does not encounter any barriers.

Follow these steps and you will see that your brazilian waxing will be much easier.

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