Plus Size Girls Wax Too


Often we imagine that the people who do the most brazilian waxing are normal size girls and models.  That is absolutely not true, everyone wants to feel sexy and clean so brazilian waxing crosses all barriers from the skinny girl to the voluptuous woman.

The difference is that plus size girls are often embarrassed to go to a salon because they are embarrassed about their fat or what the therapist will think about them. Getting a brazilian wax is no different than going to a doctor;  you are going to be waxed by a licensed professional who has seen it all. And yes, you are going to have to remove everything from the waist down and the hair from the front all the way to the back will be removed.

A couple of things to watch out for if you are a plus size girl are ingrown hairs, perspiration and redness in the folds of your lower abdomen. Ingrown hairs in plus size girls usually can occur on the inner thighs and where the lower abdomen hangs above your upper groin.  They are mainly caused by friction so after your wax make sure you keep these area exfoliated and clean. Heavier girls tend to perspire more, its a given.  Before your wax use a baby wipe to clean your genital area and the esthetician will also be aware as wax does not stick to wet skin.  I always have my bigger clients hold up their lower abdomen during waxing.  There are 2 reasons:  stretched skin hurts less as the strip is being pulled off of the skin and I get a chance to see how that crease looks.  If it is red and irritated I ask my clients to spend extra time keeping the fold clean.  Once it gets red and weepy its really hard to get it back.

What plus size girl will love about brazilian waxing is that the genital area will be clean thereby decreasing odor.  If you are a plus some girl it sometimes is hard to reach and see all those cracks where perspiration can lurk and no hair makes it so much easier.

Source:  Picture: Glamour Magazine, September 2010

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