Please Wax Your Back!


Went to Hot Yoga yesterday and because the room is heated up to over a hundred degrees, most of the participants wear little clothing because sweating is part of the whole experience. Most of the men in the room do not wear shirts and I was checking out all the backs. What I noticed was that all of the young guys had smooth backs most likely from waxing. Most of the guys that were older had hair on their backs!

I think because we are in Southern California that the trend is to have minimal hair especially because of our active lifestyle and because we spend a lot of time at the beach. Its funny how some men are clueless about the trends and think that since they are married or they’ve always had a hairy back that it is okay.
Times change and more importantly, a man’s smooth back is way more sexy than one that has hair on it. In this case, in the yoga studio where the sweat is flying all over the place, I would think it would be way more comfortable to have a smooth back especially when you are laying on your mat. Anyway, I wanted to go up to those guys and give them my card but my daughter thought they might get insulted. Oh well, maybe one of these days they will figure it out that smooth backs are in!
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