If I Had Your Hair, I Wouldn’t Take My Shirt Off!


hairy man

One of my clients was jogging in Oceanside and a woman jogging the opposite direction called out “If I had your hair, I wouldn’t take my shirt off!”  He had been in to get his back waxed about 3 years ago and his wife has been asking in to come in and get his back waxed again.  Needless to say he put it off .  After the woman jogger’s comment, he made an appointment and not only did he get his back and shoulders waxed, he also had his abdomen and chest waxed.

Often I go to the beach and see middle aged men with lots of hair on their back.  In some cultures it is acceptable but Southern California is not kind that way.  It is also my humble opinion that most men look so much better without hair on their back.  They usually have really nice skin underneath the hair (the hair has protected their skin all these years) and after the initial shock they like feeling their clothes next to their skin and from a sanitation view, its is much cleaner because hair retains sweat and therefore bacteria which causes odor.

Anyway, I liked his story and glad he came in and was wondering if I should start handing out business cards at the beach?

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