His and Her Brazilian Waxes


One of my clients came in today for her first brazilian waxing and as we were talking I mentioned that I did male brazilian waxing as well. She was shocked and the first question she asked is “Are the guys gay?” That always surprises me because male brazilian waxing is all over the magazines and media and those guys all seem straight to me. I usually then explain that all types of men get a brazilian waxing and they do it for the same reasons a woman would.

Interesting enough this client mentioned that her husband completely shaved the brazilian area so I of course said “Send him in for a brazilian waxing!” She shared that she did not understand why he would want that area to be hairless but he had been shaving for many years and decided to go along with it. She did not like shaving and thought that a brazilian was the answer.

On her way out she said she should bring her husband with her next time and they should get waxed at the same time. The advantages of this is that they are both in the same place at the same time and they both start to grow hair at the same time and both have the benefit of the smoothness, cleanliness and sensation brazilian waxing brings.
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