Hazards of Waxing – Skin Lifting


Skin lifting happens when both dead and live skin are pulled off with the wax, creating an abrasion similar to scraping one’s knee.  When lifting is visible, the area will be shiny and slightly “dewy” and the client will report a stinging sensation.  However, depending on the client’s skin tone, the abrasion may not be visible.   The client may not realize that they have an abrasion until a day or two later when a scab begins to form.

Here are some reasons why the skin lifts:

If skin lifting occurs the object is to keep the skin hydrated and protected to minimize discomfort.  Neosporin or an antibiotic ointment should be applied to protected against bacteria and to keep the area hydrated.

I have also found that especially men and women in their 50’s and up who have lost collagen and elastin due to age can also have a tendency to have sensitive skin which can be prone to skin lifting.  Age coupled with a prescription medication can be really hard on the skin.  Add waxing to the mix and skin lifting can occur.  I have found if my clients exfoliate religiously that helps maintain the integrity of the skin and there are fewer problems.

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