Hairy Back Alert!


Okay, just in case you think I harp on hairy backs too much; I asked one of my clients today what he thought…. I went to hot yoga today and most of the room was occupied so there was pretty much enough room for my mat and I had two close neighbors. One was a nice looking male who about 1/4 of the way into the class starting sweating everywhere including about 1 mm from my mat. The sweat was flying everywhere and he had hair on his back so the sweat was hanging on his hair too. So I’m thinking the dude needs to wax his back.

Why? More hygienic especially since it was obvious he takes hot yoga regularly (he could do all the poses). Waxing your back gives you an opportunity to show off your back. This guy was fit and toned and all his muscles would be more prominent if there was no hair on his back. His shirts would feel different without the hair and so would the shower. And really, most women tell me that they like a guy with a clean back.

So what did my male client say? Gross man, he should wax!safe_image.php.gif

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