Does Waxing Get Rid of Hair Permanently?


Today I received a call from a client who was going on a month trip and wanted to start waxing so that his back and brazilian area would have minimal hair. I am often asked “Will waxing make my hair go away after a few months?” I think that sometimes that they confuse waxing with a laser. Even sometimes with laser hair removal there will be residual hair. What waxing does after repeated waxing is thin out the hair and the actual hair appears finer. It starts to happen for some of my clients after the first wax and thats why I say the second wax is always better. There is just not the volume of hair after a first wax. BUT…….you can’t wait 3 months to come back, you have to come back in 4 – 6 weeks for it to work. When you wax every 4 to 6 weeks we are working with the growth cycle of hair so that the initial amount of hair is not usually present.

Back and shoulder waxing works great if you stay on a schedule. Now one of my clients is extremely furry and now that I have talked him into coming every 4 weeks we are starting to see results. His pain has also dropped. But with someone who has 4 to 5 hairs in each follicle its going to take a while for the volume to decrease.

My ladies that wax their legs also say that their hair thins out a lot and they like the smooth feel without the stubble.

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