Back Hair on the Beach


Was on the beach observing all the guys as they were surfing or just taking a walk and all the young guys had hairless backs but some of the older guys looked like gorillas. I wonder why their friends let them look like that and do not gently suggest to them that back hair is out!!!!! Look in magazines or just around, everyone is hairless. Ladies are getting brazilians and waxing their legs, underarms and just about everything.

Why does one of those hairy backed guys not look around and see that they are probably the only ones on the beach covered in hair. I talk to my female clients that are more mature in age and they say that heavy back hair in a guy is not attractive. They are not always sure about the male brazilian wax probably because they do not wax their brazilian area but they are adamant abut the back.

I knew a guy who did a lot of water sports and had a super hairy back and a nice upper body which you couldn’t see because of all that hair. I offered to wax his back for him but he would not have anything to do with it. I didn’t get it because a hairless back looks so beautiful with all the definition and muscles showing.

So hey guys, help us ladies out, we want to go to the beach and see your beautiful bodies, not have to get out a weed wacker.

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