Zit Attack and What Have I Done?


Yep! That’s me. Once again looking mortified and ashamed with the results of a near uncontrollable, compulsive habit of mine. If you didn’t notice right off the bat, those huge red spots on my forehead and chin are the result of attempting to POP zits. The painful, nodule kind that stick around forever and seem to cause the most damage.

They’re gross, serve no healthful purpose, and if big enough can’t truly be covered up by any makeup known to mankind. And why exactly am I experiencing this as a young adult anyway? We were told growing up that “only teenagers experience acne because they’re going through puberty”. Well, then why am I now on the WRONG side of 25 dealing with skin issues? Why has skin care become so much harder to control? 

After much consideration, I started to realize that although zits may not serve a healthful purpose – they could possibly be sending helpful messages (in their own disgusting kind of way). Instead of continuing to ask, “what have I done?” let’s start asking ourselves, “what am I NOT doing?”. If you can prevent getting acne in the first place, you’ll have less opportunity to pick, spread, and gain scars from acne. (As well as zero opportunity for embarrassing, zit-filled selfies.) 




  • Am I maintaining a healthy diet?

Although Americans are notoriously known for using prescribed medication to solve their problems, it couldn’t hurt to first start with considering a natural fix! Maybe the zits on your face are actually your body trying to say, “hey, stop feeding me greasy food” or “I need more fruits and vegetables, please”. Try to be sure you’re maintaining a balanced diet.

  • Am I taking vitamins?

Not everyone has the time or means to prepare 3 nutritious meals every day. If you must cut corners, vitamins can be a great way to ensure your body has some intake of the basic nutrients it needs to function properly.

  • Am I still smoking and drinking heavily?

Our bodies are constantly changing over time. Consider how your 21-year-old self felt after a few glasses of wine versus now. Yeah…. The same difference can be said for the toll smoking and drinking takes on your skin and overall appearance (now versus then)! AWFUL. Both combined is a double whammy when it comes to dehydrating your skin – ie. could be the reason for breakouts.

  • Am I washing my face with the correct products for my skin type?

Like our bodies, our skin also changes over time. There’s a good chance the face wash that kept your skin “clean, clear, and under control” in your teens doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately, this will have to be a trial and error process. To add insult to injury, you can probably expect to go through the same process years from now once your skin changes again. Yes, maintaining healthy skin IS a lot of work.

  • Am I practicing proper hygiene for my skin type?

There was a time when I could get away with only washing my face in the morning. Not anymore! Now, by the end of the day I can start to see my face getting greasy and needing to be washed again before bedtime. Everyone’s skin is different and like me, you may need to start new habits in order to ensure a healthy look.

  • Am I getting enough sleep and exercising regularly?

These factors can play a major role in controlling acne! Everyone knows the mental benefits of getting a sufficient amount of rest and exercise daily. If your body is lacking sleep and exercise it will not function properly – neither will your skin.   

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