Your Skin’s Festival Checklist


Festie season is right around the corner! Now is a great time to start thinking about how you’re going to protect your skin and overall self while partying for weekends at a time. Remember, it’s always better to be OVER prepared!

PRO TIP: Be sure to check out the acceptable vs. prohibited items you may bring to the particular festival you’re attending. All of them have different rules! One thing is for sure, if you forget the items below and have to purchase within festival grounds – it will cost you. Not only will they most likely have a limited selection, but they will be overpriced.


Wear sunscreen. Reapply as often as you can throughout the day! Even if you’re expecting cloudy weather, it doesn’t matter – continue to reapply. Not only do you want to avoid skin cancer, but think about how uncomfortable you’ll be the rest of the weekend if you burn the first day. Yikes.

If you sweat a lot, try purchasing a baby or kids sunscreen formula to apply on your face. No one wants sunscreen in their eyes while the band they waited 8 hours to see is finally on stage!


Not only to protect your smackers from the sun, but to maintain their moisture if you’re going to a festival in dryer climates. Dry lips are uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing!


Most hats will not only protect your face from the sun, but also your ears! Yes, your ears are just as much at risk for skin cancers as the rest of your body. Don’t forget them when you apply sunscreen!

Bandanas are great to wear at music festivals for a few reasons. They catch sweat, can be worn to protect your face from dusty winds, and ALSO to cover/protect your ears from the sun.


Staying hydrated will help your entire body. Your skin will of course need the moisture, but water will also help flush the alcohol and other fun toxins away.

PRO TIP: IF the festival allows – bring a camelbak backpack. Some styles can carry up to 100 OZ of water!


It may be hard to remember to do so…but you will thank yourself later. Think about it, you’re sweating all day, potentially around smoke and dust, surrounded by other people (and their sweat). Keep your face clean! At the end of the weekend – exfoliate.


After you wash your face, apply moisturizer. I would suggest a product with Vitamin C to help repair and protect.

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