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You’ve finally got your skin care routine down and under control. Your skin looks great and the vacation you’ve been planning is just around the corner! ….so what’s your plan for maintaining the clear, supple look you’ve worked so hard for?

Remember, travel can be very challenging for our skin and bodies. For one, our sleep patterns and the actual amount of hours we spend asleep are usually disturbed. If you’re getting MORE sleep while on vacay – more power to you! Chances are you’re not, and therefore not giving your body the chance to detoxify, renew and recharge. Second of all, your diet and overall eating habits change. I won’t say “for the worst” because you’re on vacation and should relax and eat as much of whatever you want! However, your body and skin may not be on the same page. If your diet normally consists of fruit, vegetables, and chicken – but all of a sudden you’re ingesting bread, fried foods, red meat, and pasta – your skin is going to need some time to adjust.

Sleep, food, and alcohol intake may be semi-within your control. But what about the weather and overall difference in climate? For example: if you live in Seattle, your body will be in for a real shock when visiting the dry/sunny climates of Las Vegas or Palm Springs. OR, if you’re from the flatlands of the Midwest, the high altitudes of Denver or the Swiss Alps will be a major change/adjustment for your skin (and entire body)! Southern states usually have higher moisture and humidity levels – which can cause sweaty, oily, and irritated skin. My advice…plan accordingly! 


  • lotion/moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • cleansing facewipes
  • aloe vera (for post sun / sunburn)

*Don’t forget to drink plenty of water*

Let’s also take time to consider your journey prior to arriving at your destination. What skincare precautions are you taking during your actual “travel time”? How are you protecting your skin while in flight? See our tips below!


  • NO MAKEUP. I know, who wants to arrive in an exotic place looking terrible? No one. However, depending on how long you’re in flight – the foundation you’ve applied along with the airplane air, grime, dust, dehydration can be a recipe for a breakout!
  • DEEP MOISTURIZE THE NIGHT BEFORE. Especially if you’re preparing your skin for a 6 – 16 hour flight! Get ahead of the game and apply an overnight hydrating mask.
  • SPRAY. Be sure to carry on a travel size, moisturizing, misting spray. It’s easy to carry with you to and from your bathroom breaks and will give your skin a boost while fighting the dry  airplane air!
  • SANITIZE YOUR TRAY TABLE. Do you know why it’s so easy to catch Pinkeye on a plane? Either people are not washing their hands OR parents are using the tray tables as a changing table for babies. (OK, that’s WORST CASE scenario..) The moral of this tip – is that tray tables are not thoroughly cleaned before each flight. Purchase a travel size of Purell Sanitizing wipes to clean around the area you’ll be sitting in, eating off of, and resting your phone/laptop. This will help limit the amount of germs you come in contact with…in case you accidentally touch your face.
  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. AT ALL. Try to keep contact with your hands and face to a bare minimum. Again, the germs, dirt, and airplane grime can irritate your face – potentially causing a breakout!

Favorite Hydrating Spray:

Dermalogica: antioxidant hydramist

  • Hydrates to reduce fine lines associated with dryness.
  • Creates an antioxidant shield against free radicals.
  • Refreshing mist can be spritzed on skin throughout the day.
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