Skin Care and…..Mental Health?


Post inspired by Marie Claire’sCan Skincare Keep You Sane? written by Gina Way.

Mental health issues are on the rise. With everyone moving at hyperspeed these days, it’s easy to let your brain and day-to-day existence spin out of control.

Technology and social media have given an outlet to worlds, people, and ideas you otherwise may of never seen or thought of. It can be discouraging seeing the Instagram model apply makeup perfectly for every post, or the bodybuilder with muscles you didn’t know the human anatomy possessed. But hey, it’s 2019 and time to stop living vicariously through other people’s lives!  

Have a Routine

Having a routine has been noted as a way to help people stay focused, combat depression, recover from drug use/alcohol. It’s a tool that allows an opportunity each day to set small goals for yourself – which brings on a feeling of accomplishment! The same idea can be applied to having a set skin care routine.

Take Back Control

Our skin has a mind of its own. It takes time, practice, and dedication to find the right skincare products and routine that work. However, you have the power and ability to treat your skin and put in the work it takes to clear up your acne, brighten your skin tone, relieve dry skin, etc.

If you have time to scroll through Instagram, you have time to seek out a local esthetician or dermatologist! At your appointment, ask questions about your skin! Let them give you advice on how to create a routine specific to your skin type. If you’re not comfortable buying the products they sell – ask them what they would suggest instead.

Take Time Out of Your Day for YOU

Taking time each day to be present, look at yourself in the mirror and focus on doing something that’s beneficial for YOU is important. Not your co-workers – not your friends – not your dog – not your followers – YOU. Remember, it’s nearly impossible to give your best to everyone else on a daily basis if you’re not first taking care of yourself.

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