Your Goals for 2020


It’s 2020, baby! Cheers to another great decade! If you haven’t already decided on goals and habits for this year – I have a few suggestions below: 🙂 . 

WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED. This charts our list at #1 because it is and should be a major component to your DAILY skincare routine. Not only is makeup clogging your pores, but the dirt and oil grime that collected throughout your day are as well.

Not washing your face, is not letting your skin breathe and regenerate itself while you sleep. Not to mention, the chemicals found in most makeup products (10 Toxic Ingredients) are causing harm. Not only could this be the reason for breakouts and blackheads – but could potentially add to signs of aging….like we need any help with that!

GO TO THE GYM OR YOGA. Stress is a major factor when it comes to overall physical AND mental health. Make time for yourself this year! Going to a yoga class can help clear your mind and release the stress that is causing you to break out and/or look tired and rusty.

THROW OUT YOUR OLD MAKEUP AND APPLICATORS. While we’re on the topic, why not take a look through your makeup bag and decide what you can get rid of? If you’ve been using the same applicator for months now, chances are you’re ready for another one. Start off the year with fresh, clean products!

SUNSCREEN. For God’s sake, this isn’t the 70’s! If you haven’t hopped on the sunscreen in your moisturizer train – THIS YEAR is the year to do it. Even if you’re happy with the way you’re aging, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is also about protecting yourself from cancer.

GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. Once again, while we’re on topic, go see your dermatologist this year. Get your entire body scanned – not just the weirdo mole that may (or may not) be changing shapes. If I can’t, hopefully they can convince you that wearing sunscreen everyday is important.

SLEEP AND DIET. Start 2019 off with a plan to get more sleep and eat more fruits and vegetables. If you feel good – you’re going to look good, so make these a priority in your life. Annet King, Director of Global Education Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute states: “If you’re not getting enough sleep — an average of seven hours a night — you are depriving your body of its requisite downtime. This accelerates the skin aging process and, as King says, “If your body is chronically deprived of sleep, the effects become physically and visibly noticeable.”

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