Tips: Covid Mask Mania


Is anyone else tired of wearing a mask everywhere they go? Personally, I’m annoyed with  walking half way from my car to the grocery store, only to realize I forgot my mask in my car!

Besides, they hurt my ears, smell, get dirty with makeup – the list of complaints goes on!

Here are some tips to make the remainder of Covid mask-wearing more bearable. 🙂

SIDE NOTE: Has anyone accidentally gotten a mask tan? If THAT doesn’t entice you to wear sunscreen..I don’t know what will!


– For sensitive skin: try a cotton mask that is washable! It’s easy for masks to build up dirt, sweat, make up – all of which is rubbing against your face! Invest in a reusable mask – stop rewearing the blue, medical masks. If you are concerned about safety – maybe try wearing the medical mask over your reusable mask.

– It’s summer! We are currently in the middle of a heat wave. If  you know you’e going to be outdoors, sweating – take a couple extra masks with you for comfort! Make sure to wash your hands before switching from one mask to the other.

– Find the perfect fit. Especially if  you wear glasses. It must be uncomfortable breathing and fogging up your glasses at the same time. We don’t know how much longer we will be required to wear them! It could be worth the search and purchase. 

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