HOW TO: Relieve Dry Eyelids


This is the first winter in years my eyelids (of all things) are dry, irritated, and peeling! Could it be the weather? Could it be the new eye cream I’ve been applying? Have I been drinking less water than usual? Maybe the older I get, the harder it is for my skin to adjust to dry weather or trying new products.

Like almost all unannounced skin conditions, the heart-wrenching fact is that there’s no immediate conclusion to be made about your irritated eyelids. There’s a number of factors to consider, as well as remedies to try solving the problem. If you don’t have time to see your dermatologist – consider the following:

Have I started using a new skin care product?

It’s hard finding the perfect skin care products! Building and maintaining a daily routine can take months to master, and yet you STILL may have issues along the way. Not to mention, as we get older, our skin changes again! Products that used to work for us in our teens – probably won’t suffice in our 20s and 30s.

With this being said, trying new products can either bring fantastic results or cause irritation. If your eyelids (or skin in general) are drying out, getting flakey or irritated – try removing this product from your routine to see if the condition stops.

Did I recently buy a different brand of makeup?

A particular foundation or mascara may work for your friend – this doesn’t mean it will work for you. It doesn’t matter that you spent your entire paycheck at the Chanel makeup counter….if your skin doesn’t like it, it doesn’t like it. Makeup is meant to be fun and expressive! However, just as with skin care products, it can take time to narrow down the brands that work well with your skin’s chemistry.

Did I switch laundry detergent brands?

Our faces spend about half our lives on our pillow cases! If you’re skin is irritated, the new detergent you’re using could be a factor.

OTHER FACTORS: fake eyelashes, sunscreen, perfume, contact lens solution, washing face with really hot water, allergies, contact solution

If you can’t pinpoint the cause and this issue continues, make an appointment with your doctor. Until then – try a couple of simple, at home remedies to see if you can bring some comfort to your peepers.


  • Moisturize. Use lotions without fragrances.
  • Humidify. Try adding moisture to the bedroom by investing in a humidifier. 
  • Compress. Throw a clean, damp face towel in the freezer for about 10 minutes. The idea is not to completely freeze the towel, but to lay it over your eyelids for a cooling comfort.
  • Hydrate. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of H2O!  
  • DON’T TOUCH. This is challenging, but keep those fingers away from the irritation.
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