HOW TO: Get More Sleep at Night


In our last post, we reviewed the importance of getting a full night’s rest in regards to skin care. Annet King, Director of Global Education Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute states: “If you’re not getting enough sleep — an average of seven hours a night — you are depriving your body of its requisite downtime. This accelerates the skin aging process and, as King says, “If your body is chronically deprived of sleep, the effects become physically and visibly noticeable.”

I hate to agree with science, as I’ve NEVER believed I needed 7-8 hours of sleep a night to be productive and look great. Instead that sleep is truly the enemy of my hyperactive mind. I mean, think about how much you could get done if you didn’t have to spend one third of your life asleep! In an interview written by Technologist, I luckily discovered Hans Förstl, director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) – who happens to agree with me. He explains, “some people claim that we – as a society – are not sleeping enough due to all the modern temptations like TV and the Internet, but in my view our modern life is just too interesting to sleep longer. And before we compare ourselves to our ancestors and their “healthier” sleeping habits, we should remember that they had to climb up trees and cling to branches in order to avoid the worst – but not all – of the imminent dangers. Generally, I believe that it all depends on preferences, demands and satisfaction. If someone is satisfied with his or her personal sleeping pattern – however unconventional – it’s fine.”

Although I agree with Hans, there are definitely a few counterpoints to be made regarding the difference between us and our ancestors. Unlike them, society has become vain and eager to show the world and all social media how great their lives and appearances are. Sure, we might climb trees and cling to branches too….as long as we’re “doing it for The Gram”. As a country and new generation, people are striving to maintain their appearance for a much longer portion of their lifetime. Less sunbathing and smoking – more sleep, facials, and Instagram filters.

So, fine! If we’re going to maintain our best appearance for a longer period of time, then more sleep WE MUST. After searching the internet for ways to accomplish this, I found a select few that work best for me.

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YOGA/MEDITATION: If you work at a desk all day you probably know the painful effect it has on your neck and back. For me, this pain can make it hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I remember a Yoga teacher explain that our time in her class would be the most uncomfortable we felt throughout our day. If you’ve ever taken Yoga, you know that some of the positions involved with the practice are challenging, exhausting, and miserable to maintain. However, while uncomfortable, your muscle are being worked and stretched while your brain is also exercising control and focus. This can be your exercise for the day and assist in making falling asleep easier.

DOWNLOAD FREE SLEEP APP: Instead of falling asleep watching TV or Netflix, try closing your eyes and listening to white noise, nature sounds, or soft stories told by a voice over actor with a soothing voice. The glare from your TV or computer screen may be what’s bothering you! Not to mention, depending on what you’re binge watching, certain scenes may be louder than others which can create disturbance. Many times I’ve tried falling asleep to Shameless – a drama filled series with a lot  yelling, screaming children, gunshots, and loud music. Not really the best choice of background sound while trying to doze off.

SPLASH COLD WATER: Can’t get your mind to stop chattering? Having mental or physical anxiety can be the absolute worst when trying to relax at the end of the day. When your basic breathing exercises don’t seem to be working, I found folks suggesting to submerge your face in ice-cold water! Although this may not seem like the most comfortable idea, it’s a natural way to reset your nervous system. The goal being to lower your heart rate and blood pressure (which naturally happens when you’re falling asleep).

AROMATHERAPY: What can’t essential oils do? They’ve been proven to help relieve headaches, dry skin, anxiety, soothe sore muscles, reduce toxicity, and the list goes on! So, why not try scent as part of your sleep regimen? If you’re not interested in purchasing a diffuser or dropping oils directly on to your pillow, maybe give Dermalogica’s new product a try! As described in our last post, Sound Sleep Cocoon is a revitalizing treatment gel-cream filled with motion-activated French Lavender Essential Oil (with Sandalwood and Patchouli).

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