How To Do a Quick Facial at Home


You don’t have the time to schedule a luxurious facial but want to look great for an upcoming event and you are spending the evening at home.  Try doing this quick pick me up facial that will give you a glow for your event.  Everyone has product sitting in their medicine cabinet; this is a good opportunity to use it.

  • Steam your face. Grab some hand towels, put in water in your sink, wring them out and pop them in the microwave.  Start with 60 seconds and adjust as needed.  Towels should be tolerable warm to hot and then press against your face.  For an added bonus put a splash of essential oil in the water.  Lavender works great.  Another option is to boil some water on the stove in a wide mouth pot, put the pot of boiling water in the sink; place a towel over your head and steam away. (Don’t do this on the stove top; too much can go wrong, if it is in the sink and spills it’s okay and you also have better control over how much steam you want.)

And, for those of us who just want to be pampered, consider a mini-facial.

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