How To: Cool Down


We may be in for another hot summer! Did you know you can put more than just your face mask in the refrigerator for a cool down?

  • Face Mask

Cold face masks feel great! They constrict blood vessels and help decrease the swelling bags under your eyes.

  • Eyeliner

Apparently, chilled eyeliner can assist in creating those precise, beautiful lines we all desire!

  • Nail Polish

According to Into The Gloss, “while keeping nail polishes in the fridge can also make them last longer, the cold temperatures cause the polish to “phase-separate.” Phase-separation occurs when the water in nail polish separates from the other chemicals, resulting in clumpy polish. In order to return your polish to its original consistency, take it out of the fridge, shake the bottle, and wait for the polish to acclimate to room temperature. It should then spread evenly and smoothly on your nail (but it’s up to you to decide if preserving your polish for a few extra weeks is worth the hassle).

  • Aloe Vera

If you’ve ever had a sunburn – you probably already know about this!

No room in your kitchen refrigerator? 

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

According to Christina Butan with InStyle, “the difference between storing skincare products in a fridge like the Amazon-loved Cooluli microfridge, as opposed to your regular kitchen refrigerator, is that the temperature you use to keep food cold can actually be too low for beauty products. If the temperature gets too low, they could end up freezing, which causes active ingredients in the products to break down. The Cooluli fridge’s temperature is just cool enough for a small batch of beauty items, but not as cold as your kitchen fridge.”



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