How are you treating your summer skin?


Summer is quickly coming to an end. As we sit back and reflect on the fun we’ve had – take some time to consider how you treated your skin along the way. Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen, but what are some other ways we can protect our beauty and skin health all year round? Here’s a few ideas to keep in mind while moving forward into another year:

REMEMBER: Coco Chanel is not your friend and neither is the sun.

Since Coco “invented” the trend of sunbathing in the 20’s, we’ve been stuck with the idea that tan = beauty. This is not our fault! However, unless you plan on turning into a Kardashian look alike overnight or somehow permanently darkening your skin complexion it’s best to take all precautions while you still can. So work with what you have! If you’re pale, make pale posh again. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re over 50 and look fabulous!

REMEMBER: No sunscreen completely protects you from ultraviolet (UV) rays. That’s right, not even those labeled as SPF 100! But could avoiding the sun at all costs be the answer? If you’re reading this, you probably don’t live in a cave or 20,000 leagues under the sea so probably come in contact with the sun daily. While cavemen may not of cared about aging gracefully, WE DO. So what can we do to ensure a fruitful future for our skin?


  • Where sunscreen everyday! Yes, even when it’s cloudy.
  • Invest in a wide-brimmed hat. While it’s important to protect your entire body from the sun, it may be worth it in the long run to go the extra mile by keeping your face out of the sun altogether. Throw on your hat before gardening, walking the dog, getting your mail, etc. The less sun exposure your face, neck, and sternum area receive the better! You may look like a sun-kissed goddess in your teens and 20’s, but what you DON’T want are the fine lines and wrinkles that come along with years of sun exposure. Again – invest in the hat.
  • Limit your exposure time. This isn’t the 90’s! No one has time to lay around in the sun for 6 hours anymore anyway. Maybe consider showing up to that pool with cocktails party a little late to minimize the time you’re in the sun. Of course, don’t forget to pack your wide-brimmed hat for the occasion.  
  • Tint your car windows. If you live in SoCal, you probably feel as though you’re spending the better part of your life stuck in rush hour traffic with the sun beating in on you. While the rays may not be “directly” hitting you – this still counts as exposure! The same could be said for having large windows in your work space. While some of this exposure seems unavoidable, it wraps back around to the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. Again, yes, even when it’s cloudy.
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