True or False Sunscreen


Young woman in sunglasses putting sun cream on shoulderFalse:  I don’t need sunscreen, I don’t get that much sun.

True:  Most of the sun damage that occurs in our life is from doing everyday tasks: driving, walking to the mailbox, talking outside with your neighbor, shoveling snow.  It is an accumulation that causes eventual sun damage.  How does sun damage show up?  Sagging skin, wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer.

False:  Sun is good for me, I need the Vitamin D so I will apply sunscreen at the beach if I start to turn red.

True:  By the time you turn red, the damage is done.  You have injured your cells and are inviting skin cancer to come over.  Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you get to the beach.  If you are worried about your Vitamin D levels, ask your doctor to measure it the next time you have your annual check up.

False:  I don’t need to wear sunscreen daily because my makeup has SPF.

True: Makeup usually has a low SPF.  What is best is to apply a moisturizer before that contains SPF of 30 or greater and then apply your makeup.  That way you are sure that you are protected.

False:  I tan easily, I don’t need sunscreen.

True:  Darker skin usually will not burn as fast as lighter skin but that does not mean that it is not being damaged.  Look around, deeply tanned people have wrinkles and usually the appearance of leathery skin.

TRUE:  People who have a lot of sun exposure tend to look older as they age.  In the moment a tan is wonderful; you look healthy and it hides imperfections.  BUT, what will you look like in 10 years from now?  Not so healthy and not so perfect.  And…you may get a skin cancer that may be fatal!  Think about it!


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