Tricks and treats!

Can’t go trick-or-treating for Halloween this year? Try adding these tricks and treats to your skin care routine (at home)…all year round! 

TRICKS to maintain healthy skin

TREATS – treat your skin with these tips

  • Shorter, cooler showers! Taking long, hot showers is not always beneficial for your skin. It can remove your natural oils and cause irritation. Treat your skin to warm, not hot bath times!
  • Be gentle! After you wash your face, don’t scrub as hard as possible with your towel in attempt to dry faster. Simply, pat the towel on your face to avoid irritation – and potentially leave a little moisture – this is a good thing!
  • Relax. Yes, that’s right! On a daily basis, try to find peace throughout your day. Your body reacts in many different ways to stress, anxiety, lack of sleep – it shows on your face, literally.
  • Quit SMOKING. If you are a smoker, you’ve probably heard this enough…but, seriously. The amount of damage smoking causes to your skin, and body in general, is intense. Unfortunately, not all damage is reversible.
  • Wear Sunscreen. Another point I repeat often, and #1 on The Mayo Clinics Skincare List. When I see people with a bad sunburn, I imagine their skin cells screaming out in pain..a little graphic, but hey! TREAT your skin to some protection! SPF 30 (at the very least).
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“Mask-ne” Prevention

Alas. As if normal, everyday skincare wasn’t complicated already! We are now challenged with additional steps and precautions to our daily routines.

The basicsOf course, make sure to wash your hands often and REFRAIN from touching your face. Personally, I’ve always had a hard time not touching my face. Now more than ever, it is incredibly important not to – even if you’ve been using hand sanitizer. 🙂

Tip #1: AVOID wearing makeup under your mask. 

If you wear a full face of make-up often, this tip may seem outrageous! But the less makeup you’re wearing on a daily basis, the cleaner your masks will remain. Your pores already can’t breath – adding makeup underneath is not beneficial.

Tip #2: Wear a clean mask daily.

This can be difficult! I’ve lost a few masks within these past months – it’s too easy to find one on the floor of your car and just throw it on! Don’t. The dirt and grime on your old mask will rub against your face straight in to your pores – causing mask-ne.

Tip #3: Keep face wipes in your purse and car

If you’re out running errands all day (taking your mask on and off) it is unrealistic to wash your face EVERY TIME you take your mask off. However, if you have face wipes handy – this extra step will help maintain a clean face throughout the day (until you’re home and actually able to do a deep clean).

Tip #4: Wash your face as soon as you get home from a long day of wearing your mask!

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No Gym? No Problem!

Not ALL gyms are open. Even if they are in your area, not everyone feels comfortable going back just yet. What’s worse – that if you’ve tried to purchase workout equipment online lately, you’ve seen it’s either non-existent or way over priced!

Don’t worry! Now more than ever, folks are getting creative and doing the most when it comes to staying active. How? DIY workout equipment – building their gym….at home.


Everyone’s initial thought is to lift jugs of water. Once that becomes too easy, most add sand – then water to the sand. So whats next?


There’s quite a few supplies and steps involved in making concrete weights. However, at this point, SO much more affordable and just as effective. The process takes about a week to complete – get started now!

Gym Person article by Tim Kessler


Don’t have any furniture at home that resemble a bench press? I’d guess most people don’t.. This project only takes a few hours to complete!

How to Build a DIY Workout Bench Press article by Viktor




Target the entire body with this tool! Only 4 materials needed to build.

Art of Manliness

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