Shower N’ Bronze

Feeling pale? Welp! It’s that time of year again… where the pale, get even MORE pale!

This is, sadly, a fact of life.

Even being as pale as I am in the months of February – April, I’ve never been one to use self-tanner! The worry of evenly applying, staining my sheets, sweating the product off on my clothes – simply put, seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

However, seeing the “in-shower” tanning trend, although most products having mixed reviews, definitely strikes my interest enough to give it a try!

Warning: these products do NOT protect your skin from the sun! You still need to use sunscreen on a daily basis!

PRO TIP: exfoliate before using these products! Removing dead skin, prior to use, should initiate the process of the product “soaking in / sticking to” your skin faster and more efficiently!



St. Tropez

In Shower Gradual Tan

SOLD OUT on Sephora!

Suggested Usage via Sephora:

  • Fully cleanse and wash in warm water.
  • With the shower off, generously apply in circular motions to wet skin to create an even coverage.
  • Wait three minutes.
  • Fully rinse off with warm water only.
  • Gently dry yourself before getting dressed.


JERGENS® Natural Glow®

Wet Skin Moisturizer

Not ready to try “IN” shower product? Try using right AFTER you shower!

“Our wet skin moisturizer with self tanner is specially developed to be used immediately after showering. When blended with water, Jergens® Natural Glow® Wet Skin Moisturizer water-activated self tanning lotion glides on to instantly lock in moisture and gradually build natural-looking color each day.

Use in place of your daily body moisturizer and subtle color will gradually appear. Once ideal color is reached, use every other day to maintain.”


James Read

Coconut Tanning Balm

All the way from London! Who knows how to tan better than the Europeans?

  • A deeply nourishing tanning balm. Formulated with organic coconut oil and a touch of self tan for a subtle result
  • The ultimate skincare treat, this unique formulation melts into the skin upon application resulting in super hydrated, silky soft skin
  • Featuring Tantone Technology™  which helps ensure the most natural result for your skin tone
  • Effortless to use, this tanning balm allows you to build your desired colour
  • Colour lasts up to 5 days
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DIY: Icy Facials at Home

Happy 2021! Still bored in the house, and you’re in the house bored?! So are we.

We will get through this…eventually! And you’ll want to look your best once we all emerge back out into the public setting. SO – why not try the benefits of a product we ALL have at home? ICE.

According to Healthline – there are many benefits to icing your face, aka “skin icing”.

  • eliminate puffiness around the eyes 
    • this technique is pretty well known! you can also use a cold spoon or cucumbers.
  • reduce oiliness
  • ease acne
    • love this! Hold the ice cube on the large, red pimple to reduce the size and inflammation – ultimately make it less visible/noticeable
  • soothe sunburn
    • depending on how much of  your body is burned… this could be pretty intense! If your ENTIRE body is suffering, maybe stick to aloe..unless you can bare an ice bath!
  • reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles
    • who ISN’T on board with this one?


Step #1: Wash your face. It’s important to start by getting rid of the oiliness and dirt on your face.

Step #2: Wrap a few ice cubs in a soft fabric:`

The ice will being to melt, wetting the cloth.

Step #3: Hold the ice pack on different sections of your face for 1 or 2 minutes. You can also use gentle, circular motions — going upwards from your jaw, cheeks, the nose and forehead. This motion gives your face a ‘lifting’ effect.

Step #4: Apply your favorite toner and moisturizer!

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Hands in Covid Conditions


Having dry, scaly hands is painful! Why is this happening to me?

Of course, weather is usually the #1 suspect in these cases. However, it may mean you’ve been washing your hands frequently and using copious amounts of hand sanitizer! ……for no particular reason I can think of.


  • wash your hands with lukewarm water (hot water dries out your skin!)
  • invest in cloth gloves! lather on your vaseline or lotion at night, wear the gloves on your hands so you don’t make a mess!

Here are some of our favorite products to sooth your hands in Covid conditions:

Dermalogica – moisture shielding hand sanitizer

“Non-alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs while keeping skin hydrated. Light, creamy lotion forms a protective barrier against moisture loss to support skin’s natural defenses. Bio-fermented technology and essential fatty acids help restore skin’s moisture barrier. Infused with antioxidant Moringa Seed, Sage, Calendula and Red Ginseng extracts.”

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

You can find Aveeno anywhere – drug stores, grocery stores, Amazon. Great for those who don’t like strong scented lotions/perfumes.


Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Essential Healing Lotion 

“Clinically proven to moisturize deeply with the first application. Keeps dry skin healed for 3 weeks* *Proven after 4 weeks daily use in a clinical study”

Also can be found anywhere, Vaseline is another great product for those not about the potent fragrance life!

L’Occitane – Almond Supple Skin Oil 

Love this! The fragrance is light and although it’s “oil”, it does not feel greasy on my hands. Highly recommend!

“Spray on and let the light oil melt into your skin, enveloping it in a subtle yet mouthwatering scent of warm almonds and delicious vanilla.

The almond nut, which grows protected in a beautifully soft and green velvet shell, is renowned for its ability to soften and smooth the skin.”

EltaMD Lotion

“Dry, itchy skin becomes silky-soft with this long-lasting therapeutic lotion that helps skin retain moisture.

Use EltaMD Lotion every day to soothe and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. It is an ideal all-over moisturizer for use after showering and bathing.”

• Rehydrates dry, itchy skin, leaving it feeling silky-soft

• Strengthens skin against damage from frequent hand washing, swimming and cold, dry air

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