No More Excuses for Not Wearing Sunscreen!


A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that participants who did not use sunscreen daily showed 24% more skin aging that those that did.  Not only that but melanoma has been going up steadily every year since 1980.

So why aren’t you wearing sunscreen?  Here are the most common excuses:

  • Sunscreens Are Toxic.  True, some of chemical sunscreens contain some questionable ingredients such as Oxybenzone,  BUT there are always physical sunscreens which have no chemicals and contains ingredients such as Titanium Oxide which is gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.
  • I’ll Become Vitamin Deficient.  Really!  Do you really think that you need that much Vitamin D and if you do there are many, many sources of it that don’t lead to melanoma.
  • Sunscreens Feel Sticky.  Not anymore.  The formulation of sunscreen has changed dramatically and do not contain heavy oils nor do they give you the white, chalky look!
  • Sunscreens Smell.  Physical sunscreens tend to be devoid of any smell.  Choose a sunscreen that is made for babies, or one that says its “fragrance – free”, and stay away from the ones that have fruit on the label.
  • They are Expensive.  Yes, there are expensive ones out there and I would be more selective of the sunscreen I use on my face, especially if one is prone to break outs or want anti aging ingredients in the sunscreen.  But there are plenty of good sunscreens on the market that meet all the criteria, are great for your body and have a reasonable price.

Even if you work indoors, keep in mind that you get a lot of sun exposure driving to and from work and at lunch.  Look around and you’ll be able to pick out the sun worshippers. Their skin looks dry, wrinkly, and leathery.  Is that how you really want to age?

Source:  RealSimple 06/2014

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