No Gym? No Problem!


Not ALL gyms are open. Even if they are in your area, not everyone feels comfortable going back just yet. What’s worse – that if you’ve tried to purchase workout equipment online lately, you’ve seen it’s either non-existent or way over priced!

Don’t worry! Now more than ever, folks are getting creative and doing the most when it comes to staying active. How? DIY workout equipment – building their gym….at home.


Everyone’s initial thought is to lift jugs of water. Once that becomes too easy, most add sand – then water to the sand. So whats next?


There’s quite a few supplies and steps involved in making concrete weights. However, at this point, SO much more affordable and just as effective. The process takes about a week to complete – get started now!

Gym Person article by Tim Kessler


Don’t have any furniture at home that resemble a bench press? I’d guess most people don’t.. This project only takes a few hours to complete!

How to Build a DIY Workout Bench Press article by Viktor




Target the entire body with this tool! Only 4 materials needed to build.

Art of Manliness

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