Is That Green Smoothie Making You Fat?


Green smoothie with parsley on wooden tableWe’ve been programmed to think that we get fat from soda, energy drinks, candy, dessert, and the bread basket. But sugar often lurks in seemingly healthy foods—green juices, whole wheat bread, Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, almond milk, coconut water, marinara sauce, and condiments like ketchup and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette.  Next time you are at the market, read the labels of the products you buy.  That yogurt that is fat free and healthy for you can have 14 grams of sugar.

These sugars not only make us gain weight, especially belly fat, but they also contribute to mood problems such as depression and the inability to focus as well as fatigue, gas, bloating, and inflammation. That’s why the World Health Organization recently proposed cutting its recommended total intake of added sugars for adults in half, to about 25 grams a day (six teaspoons). *

Let’s be clear: we need sugar. But not all sugar is created equal. An apple has sugar naturally in the form of fructose, but it’s also packed with phytonutrients and fiber, which counteract the negative effects its inherent sweetness may have.  What happens when fructose isn’t piggybacked by fiber?  It heads for your liver and starts the production of fat. It heads for your liver and starts the production of fat.

So what do you order at the juice bar? Avoid the smoothies with uber fruit to cut the bitter taste of the veggies. Try adding lemon, basil, celery, cucumber, avocado, and chia seeds instead to enhance the taste of your vegetable smoothie .

Your belly will thank you!


* Source: Bazaar Magazine September 2014
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