Go Wake Up Your Luck


There’s a correlation between people who say they are lucky and those who are upbeat even when unpleasant things happen.  No matter what happens to you, there are always people who have it worse off and its interesting when you share with others, they will always tell you a story that is worse than yours.  So how to tackle life?  Be positive.

  • Start to believe you are lucky and you will be.  Enter raffles and visualize the prize you want and you will see how often you win.
  • See a pattern of good things.  Try to cast bad events in a sunny light and you will feel optimistic and lucky.
  • Talk to people.  Instead of staying in your comfort zone, talk to strangers around you.  (I once started talking to the guy next to me on a plane and by the end of the conversation he was offering my daughter a job with his company!)
  • Think back to the last time something went well.  Have  a ritual , a lucky pair of shoes, a sweater, so that when you wear it you feel special.

Make it a game, have fun with it.  Buy lottery tickets, enter the church raffle and when you win, give back and you will see that it will continue to come around.

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