Eating Traps


Here is where temptation to overeat most likely resides.

  • Air Travel. You’re bored; you might be nervous and you will probably encounter a pretzel not a vegetable platter.  Instead of falling victim to airport fare and pre packaged airline food pack your own healthy snacks and a lunch.  If you do have to eat in the terminal find times like soup, yogurt and salads and stay away from the personal pizza.
  • Vacations.  Your guard is down, you’re eating and drinking poolside and enjoying those pina coladas with the umbrellas in them.  Its vacation, you’ve earned the right to enjoy yourself but be selective.  If you indulge at one meal, rein yourself in at the next.
  • The Movies.  The scent of popcorn is overwhelming and the large packs of candy that you love does not help either.  Pop a Breath Strip or piece of gum to keep your mouth busy.  Sneak in your own smacks that are healthier and still give you something to munch on.
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