How To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Office Routine


It’s inevitable.  Unless you’re a heiress or heir, or you’ve won the lottery, you probablyhave to work- every day.

These days, many people work in front of a computer, and are expected to sit in this position for over 8 hours a day.  However, due to bad posture and immobility, many people frequently experience pain in their neck and shoulders, upper and lower backs, as well as their wrists and hands.

Yoga is an excellent medium to relieve these tensions and can be extremely effective, even from just practicing two minutes a day in your cubicle.

a)    Sun salutations, or Dynamic Arm Raises:  Stand squarely with your feet about hip’s length apart.  As you inhale, lift both arms up over your head, and then exhale and slowly release.  Repeat 5-6 times.

b)   Mountain pose: stand tall and position your feet squarely to the ground, about hip’s length apart.  Breathe in and roll your shoulders and neck back, in a circular motion.  Repeat.  This position helps immensely with posture.

c)    Chair Warrior: Move your left leg to the front of your chair, and the other leg towards the back, so you are straddling the chair.  Firmly push your feet into the ground, and lift your right hand up, and lower it, completely with breathing.  Repeat.

And don’t forget as you reach for those yoga poses, body hair peeking out is not a good thing.  Make sure you are well groomed or waxed.

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