Men and First Dates


If you are going on a date with a woman, dress like a man!  Dress and groom yourself in a manner that she understands that you take her seriously. This date could lead to the biggest commitment of your lives.  Every married man has a story about how he met the woman who became his wife so you never know and you should look your best for every first date.  This is not an encounter with the guys; you may presenting yourself to a woman that could very well be your life partner.

  • Dressing sharp shows respect. You can’t control whether the woman you will be meeting will like your personality or you hers but make a conscious decision to look your best.  She’ll be spending a lot of time making sure she is presentable and dressed for a fun time  –  the least you can do is return the favor.
  • The right clothing can exaggerate healthy masculine traits.  Clothing like a sports jacket or a fitted, collared shirt shows off broad shoulders, muscular chest, a smaller stomach.  These are all things women are attracted to – they signal a healthy level of testosterone. Beware of hair hanging out near your neck though, we are past the Sopranos and really don’t need to see how much chest hair you have on the first date.

Remember your date is sizing you up.  On a first date both parties are looking each other over, searching for clues about their date’s personality and long-term potential.  You only have a few hours together so check your face for unwanted hair (use a magnifying mirror if necessary); check your smile; trim or wax wild body hair; and dress for success.  If you want her to take you seriously, treat the date seriously and who knows, you may have just met your future partner.

Source: The Art of Manliness

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