Life After Waxing


Ahhhhh yes! We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel – the light of SUMMER. We’ve been blessed to make it through another bone-chilling winter here in Southern California. As we approach the light, it’s time to take a long look at ourselves, regroup and prep our “summer ready” bodies.

I’m sure you’ve been working out and eating healthy foods all along. But if you haven’t been waxing all winter, you may of forgotten your upkeep-routine between appointments! Have you ever noticed irritation or ingrown hairs a few days or even weeks afterwards? There is a reason that happens! In this post, we we’ll go through the don’ts of post waxing. For some, maintaining flawless skin is an easy task. For the rest, IT’S NOT.


Before we jump ahead to post-care – I’d like to revisit the importance of exfoliating twice a week. As I mention in my Pre Waxing Tips, “A couple of days before you wax, exfoliate in the shower. Take a loofah or synthetic sponge or glove, add some body wash and with a circular motion rub gently the area that is going to be waxed. This will remove dead skin, allowing skin to grip shorter hairs.” This may also assist in dodging ingrown hairs after and in between appointments. Find a product you like, and add exfoliating to your routine!!


  • GO TO THE GYM. In fact, don’t go before! Sweat has been known to interfere with the wax itself and overall waxing process. Especially if you have sensitive skin or are getting waxed for the first time, it’s important to maintain clean and dry skin.
  • GO TO THE BEACH. Avoid sunbathing or tanning salons at all costs! The sun irritates our bodies enough on a daily basis. Your skin will be even more vulnerable post wax.
  • WEAR TIGHT CLOTHING. Not only is your skin irritated afterwards, but also left susceptible to bacteria. Tight clothing hugs your body and ultimately traps the bacteria against your skin – which could lead to infection. Bring along comfortable clothing to wear home from your appointment!
  • HIT THE SAUNA OR HOT TUB. Your pores are freshly exposed – so avoid anywhere that involves excessive sweating, chemicals, or germs!
  • HIT THE SHEETS. It’s best to refrain from “making the magic happen” too soon after. Remember, you are trying to avoid sweat and making contact with bacteria.


  • Put on a fresh and comfortable pair of underwear. This helps to prevent bacteria and infection.
  • TAKE A PAIN RELIEVER. Or opt for using a post wax cooling gel, hydrocortisone cream, Polysporin or Neosporin Ointment.
  • After about 48 hours – EXFOLIATE. Of course, everyone’s skin is different. If you don’t feel ready or that exfoliating will cause more harm than good, wait an extra day or two. This will help prevent those ingrown hairs we all know and love!
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