Exfoliating…..your chest?


Suns out – buns out! Time to show off those bodies we worked so hard on all winter! Fellas, are your pecs perky and ready to shine? Here’s what you need to know about shaving your chest at home

Let’s start from the top:

What is exfoliation?

“Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells in order to leave behind smoother skin cells. One way to exfoliate is to use a face scrub to buff away oil, dirt, and old cells that might be matting down facial hair and blocking your razor’s path. But the act of shaving itself also exfoliates dead skin cells” via Gillette.

How to Exfoliate

Because there’s a large surface area on the chest – this may be easier done while taking a shower (as opposed to the bathroom sink). To exfoliate chest skin, first, allow water to run over the chest area. This will loosen dry and/or dead skin. 

Then, apply your exfoliating cream in a circular motion. Be gentle! Some creams are more abrasive than others, as they are literally designed to scrape away dead skin.

Lastly, rinse


  • TRIM. If this is your first time shaving your chest, it is important to know that you must first trim down your chest hair. Attempting to shave it while at full length will cause electric razors to clog. 
  • Rinse your blade often!
  • Don’t forget to MOISTURIZE afterwards
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