Break Your Bad Beauty Habits STOP! Part 2



  • STOP Switching Up Your Products: It can take a full six weeks for a skin-care product to take effect, so give it time before you decide to toss or keep. Also, too much change confuses skin, which means breakouts and irritation.
  • STOP Skipping SPF: It’s not just for the beach. When you factor in all your quick trips outside to hail a cab or grab a green juice, it amounts to hours of sun exposure every week (with wrinkles and sun spots to follow). Shield yourself daily!
  • STOP Wearing Gels Daily: Save the full-on gel manicure for special occasions like a long vacation. The rest of the time use hybrid gel polishes, which last about a week and can be removed at home without damaging nails.
  • STOP Letting Your Manicurist Cut Your Cuticles: The nasty bacteria and viruses that can creep into skin through broken cuticles are notoriously persistent. Just push back cuticles instead of using the snippers.
  • STOP Using Shampoo With Sulfates: They are harsh detergents that can remove pigments, so your hair color goes right down the drain.
  • STOP Torching Your Hair: The tipping point at which a hot tool starts to become a hair dryer is 365 degrees.
  • STOP Plucking Grays: If they do grow back, the shorter length makes them more obvious. And if they don’t—chronic trauma causes the follicle to give out—well, now you’ve got a bald spot.
  • STOP Coloring Without a Bond Builder: A new in-salon hair-strengthening treatment, a bond builder can be mixed with your professional hair color, so you walk out with soft, silky strands, not straw.
Source: Beauty Bazaar
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