Break Your Bad Beauty Habits STOP! Part 1


stressed-womanSTOP! Beauty misdemeanors can add up to serious trouble for your makeup, skin, and hair. Follow our list of what not to do and you’ll be back on the fast track to gorgeousness.

  • STOP Using Dirty Makeup Brushes: You must wash eye and lip brushes daily and the rest weekly; otherwise they’ll be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Plus, they can hardly perform when laden with old product.
  • STOP Pumping Your Mascara: While you’re trying to get out more mascara, you’re forcing air into the chamber, drying it out.
  • STOP Applying a Makeup Mask: A full face of foundation looks like a wall. To let skin show through, remove excess with a moist sponge.
  • STOP Using Shimmer After 40: The tiny sparkly bits can get stuck in wrinkles around the eyes, making lines even more noticeable.
  • STOP Over-tweezing Your Brows: Yanking hairs hurts the follicles, and you risk permanent bald patches. Between pro appointments, use nude eye shadow to hide rogue regrowth.
  • STOP Neglecting Your Neck: Apply your anti-agers and sunscreen from your hairline to your chest. You don’t want to end up with a neck that looks 10 years older than your face.
  • STOP Moisturizing the Wrong Way: To seal in hydration, apply face and body lotions right after toweling dry while skin is still damp.
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