HOW TO: Return to getting waxed

Who is ready for the world to get back to “normal”…whatever that is?

Personally, I’m planning to travel to a beach far, far away! Prior to, I would like to get my first Brazilian Wax. You read that correctly, I have never been waxed! Only my eyebrows, which I’m assuming is significantly easier than the bikini area!

I have no idea what to expect, except a tad bit of pain.

If you haven’t had a wax AT ALL this year, I am sorry to say, you can expect the same. Especially your first wax out of quarantine, as shaving can strengthen your hair as opposed to waxing which (over time) thins and softens hair.

Here are some TIPS to help you get back into the routine, courtesy of Barbara Galagusz with Skin Trade:

#1 – Do not shave the area being waxed for at least 14 to 21 days before you wax. Hair can be 1/4 inch long but typically, 1/2 inch long is preferred for your first waxing.

#2 – Do not tan the area to be waxed right before the waxing! If it is sun burned, most will not be able to wax you. If you have a tan, you run the risk of the wax causing an abrasion on that area and…. it will be painful post waxing.

#3 – If you have any sensitivity, pre medicate with a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen 30 – 45 minutes before the waxing procedure or try Numb-IT and put on 20 minutes before the waxing.

#4 – Some say, between 3:00 – 5:00 PM you are the least sensitive to pain.

#5 – Try to schedule your first waxing at a time when you feel rested and not stressed. Caffeine, nicotine and heavy alcohol consumption can make you feel over sensitive during your treatment.

#6 – A couple of days before you wax, exfoliate in the shower. Take a loofah or synthetic sponge or glove, add some body wash and with a circular motion rub gently the area that is going to be waxed. This will remove dead skin, allowing skin to grip shorter hairs.

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HOW TO: Target Breakouts and Aging Skin with Retinol

Happy Spring, everyone! Who is ready to bust out of quarantine looking their very best?

Luckily for us, Dermalogica just dropped a new product including 2 killer ingredients that help to optimize skin recovery, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, AND target active breakouts to help clear skin…retinol and salicylic acid to the rescue!


According to WebMD,“Retinol is added to creams that go on your skin. It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes and plumps out skin, cutting down fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone and color and reduces mottled patches.”


Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid. It’s well-known for reducing acne by exfoliating the skin and keeping pores clear. Salicylic acid penetrates into your skin and works to dissolve the dead skin cells clogging your pores.

retinol clearing oil

by Dermalogica


  • Targets breakouts and visible signs of premature skin aging at the same time
  • Renews and soothes skin overnight
  • Delivers clearer, more vibrant skin by morning

how to use

Press button and release to fill dropper. At night, after cleansing, gently press button to dispense 6-10 drops into hands. Smooth over face and neck, avoiding the eye area.



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Shower N’ Bronze

Feeling pale? Welp! It’s that time of year again… where the pale, get even MORE pale!

This is, sadly, a fact of life.

Even being as pale as I am in the months of February – April, I’ve never been one to use self-tanner! The worry of evenly applying, staining my sheets, sweating the product off on my clothes – simply put, seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

However, seeing the “in-shower” tanning trend, although most products having mixed reviews, definitely strikes my interest enough to give it a try!

Warning: these products do NOT protect your skin from the sun! You still need to use sunscreen on a daily basis!

PRO TIP: exfoliate before using these products! Removing dead skin, prior to use, should initiate the process of the product “soaking in / sticking to” your skin faster and more efficiently!



St. Tropez

In Shower Gradual Tan

SOLD OUT on Sephora!

Suggested Usage via Sephora:

  • Fully cleanse and wash in warm water.
  • With the shower off, generously apply in circular motions to wet skin to create an even coverage.
  • Wait three minutes.
  • Fully rinse off with warm water only.
  • Gently dry yourself before getting dressed.


JERGENS® Natural Glow®

Wet Skin Moisturizer

Not ready to try “IN” shower product? Try using right AFTER you shower!

“Our wet skin moisturizer with self tanner is specially developed to be used immediately after showering. When blended with water, Jergens® Natural Glow® Wet Skin Moisturizer water-activated self tanning lotion glides on to instantly lock in moisture and gradually build natural-looking color each day.

Use in place of your daily body moisturizer and subtle color will gradually appear. Once ideal color is reached, use every other day to maintain.”


James Read

Coconut Tanning Balm

All the way from London! Who knows how to tan better than the Europeans?

  • A deeply nourishing tanning balm. Formulated with organic coconut oil and a touch of self tan for a subtle result
  • The ultimate skincare treat, this unique formulation melts into the skin upon application resulting in super hydrated, silky soft skin
  • Featuring Tantone Technology™  which helps ensure the most natural result for your skin tone
  • Effortless to use, this tanning balm allows you to build your desired colour
  • Colour lasts up to 5 days
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