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4577159966_46393d970d_oWHETHER YOU’RE A TRIATHLETE, SWIMMER, MARATHON RUNNER, or even a hardcore mountain biker, endurance athletes often keep their arms, underarms, legs, and other areas smooth. While smooth skin for women has been a regular part of hygiene and beauty for centuries, it is quickly becoming more main- stream for even the average health- conscious guy.

“It’s no longer taboo for men to manscape and there are benefits
to doing so,” says Jamie Dillon, marketing and media director for LunchBOX (AWAXING SALON).

According to Dillon, some of the benefits of going hairless are:

• Improved aerodynamics: Many swimmers wax in order to reduce resistance through water, but bikers and marathon runners are adopting this mindset as well.

• Crash recovery: Downhill 120 southwest september 2015 mountain bikers believe smooth skin promotes quicker healing; it’s easier to clean and disinfect, and you’re not ripping hair when you remove adhesive bandages.

• Keeping it cool: Body tempera- tures can soar during extreme workouts, especially in the sum- mer, so keeping hair off can make you feel cooler.

• Reducing chafing, saddle sores, and boils: Running and mountain biking can produce a great deal of friction but “manzil- ians” can reduce chafing.

• Dressing up and down: It’s easier to pull your wetsuit and calf/shin guards on and off with smooth skin.

Dillon says waxing is also a mental booster. “When you feel beautiful, your mood is elevated. When your mood is elevated, you’re more likely to succeed, hit your goals, do better, and live well.”


Source: Southwest September 2015
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