Eliminate Unwanted Hair

4577159966_46393d970d_oWHETHER YOU’RE A TRIATHLETE, SWIMMER, MARATHON RUNNER, or even a hardcore mountain biker, endurance athletes often keep their arms, underarms, legs, and other areas smooth. While smooth skin for women has been a regular part of hygiene and beauty for centuries, it is quickly becoming more main- stream for even the average health- conscious guy.

“It’s no longer taboo for men to manscape and there are benefits
to doing so,” says Jamie Dillon, marketing and media director for LunchBOX (AWAXING SALON).

According to Dillon, some of the benefits of going hairless are:

• Improved aerodynamics: Many swimmers wax in order to reduce resistance through water, but bikers and marathon runners are adopting this mindset as well.

• Crash recovery: Downhill 120 southwest september 2015 mountain bikers believe smooth skin promotes quicker healing; it’s easier to clean and disinfect, and you’re not ripping hair when you remove adhesive bandages.

• Keeping it cool: Body tempera- tures can soar during extreme workouts, especially in the sum- mer, so keeping hair off can make you feel cooler.

• Reducing chafing, saddle sores, and boils: Running and mountain biking can produce a great deal of friction but “manzil- ians” can reduce chafing.

• Dressing up and down: It’s easier to pull your wetsuit and calf/shin guards on and off with smooth skin.

Dillon says waxing is also a mental booster. “When you feel beautiful, your mood is elevated. When your mood is elevated, you’re more likely to succeed, hit your goals, do better, and live well.”


Source: Southwest September 2015
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A Clean Slate

health, spa and beauty concept - smiling woman with exfoliation glove

Dead skin cells can build up on the skin surface, thickening its appearance. This buildup can make wrinkles and imperfections look much worse, and can cause the skin to have a hard look. As cells accumulate on the sides of wrinkles or depressed scars, those areas can look deeper than they really are.

Exfoliation can help all of these conditions. By removing these piles of cells, the skin will appear smoother and wrinkles or depressed scars will appear shallower. Removing dead cells from the surface stimulates the natural cell renewal process, revealing younger, plumper cells, and improving the skin’s barrier function by increasing the production of intercellular lipids.

There are two main types of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation works by physically removing the dead cells. Examples of mechanical exfoliation are microdermabrasion, the use of an ultrasonic blade, brush machines, or the use of granular scrubs. Chemical exfoliation can be an application of alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic or lactic acid, salicylic acid, or enzymes. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids work by loosening the bonds between the cells and causing them to fall off the skin surface. Enzymes work by dissolving the keratin protein in the dead cells.

Stronger peels such as TCA are more aggressive chemical exfoliants that remove more of the surface skin cells. Light chemical at-home exfoliation can improve skin imperfections. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.


Source: ASCP
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30s Erase Spots & Fine Lines

Beautiful healthy face of the young pretty woman with fresh skin touching cheek by hands - isolated on white.

While you’d swear you got them overnight, those brown spots and tiny wrinkles starting to appear are mostly a result of sun exposure from years past now catching up to you, and , frustratingly, hormone-induced acne may still be an issue. The good news is the right products and treatments can take care of lines, discoloration, and breakouts all at once.

At-Home Skin Care: Your skin’s best friend is a prescription retinoid or an over-the-counter retinol. These vitamin A-based products promote skin cell turnover and collagen production to significantly lessen fine lines, spots, and pimples while turning down the dial on sebum production.

At the Derm: Try peels before trying lasers. A peel uses a blend of acids to lift pigmentation and minimize lines

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