6 Steps to Getting a Clean Head Shave


Still making weekly trips to and from the barber shop?

Why not give shaving your own noggin a go? We reached out to ask Terrence Chew about the products  and process to getting the perfect head shave. Narrowing down these 6 Steps hasn’t been his easiest venture to date! Apparently, it took months of shaving 3 times a week and several brands of shaving cream to find the most successful routine. Let’s face it, men’s skin care can be just as difficult as women’s!

Before we get to the step-by-step process, the first (and what he believes most important) part of the process is to shave while you’re in the shower! The steam will open the pores on your head, which will assist in the razor gently cutting the hair from your scalp. Opening your pores will make for a cleaner, closer, and less irritating shave! This tactic would be particularly helpful for those with naturally thick and/or coarse hair.

Also, the shorter the strokes the better. The goal here is to lessen the amount of pressure applied to the blade handle. The longer the strokes, the more inclined you’ll be to accidentally applying unnecessary pressure in order to grab more hair. Terrence found rushing through the shave usually led to leaving a few stragglers behind. No one wants that!










STEP 1:   Apply shaving cream (never use soap!)
STEP 2:  Shave with the grain (1st pass)
STEP 3:  Reapply shaving cream
STEP 4:  Shave sideways of the grain (2nd pass)
STEP 5:  Rinse with cool water (closes pores)
STEP 6:  Apply after shave












NOTE: For the closest shave possible, Terrence does recommend a 3rd pass going against the grain. However, those who have a sensitive scalp may want to refrain. For you, a 3rd pass is likely to cause irritation and razor bumps.


  • Hand held mirror (to check for any missed spots)
  • Gillette Series 3x Action shaving gel
  • Schick Xtreme3 Razor
  • BULL DOG – Orignal Moisturiser (Aleo, Camelina, and Green Tea)
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