Suprise! You May Have Cancer On Your Ears!

Basal cell carcinomas are the most common form of skin cancer. Usually this form of skin cancer grows slowly but studies have shown that basal cell cancers that develop on the ear are larger and more aggressive than other head-and-neck cancers and are commonly found on men.

A main contributor to the tumor’s growth is the ear’s shape, which enables tumors to grow into concealed areas of skin long before they are noticeable.  Men also tend to have shorter hair and their ears get a lot of sun exposure.  Often men will wear a baseball cap but their ears are exposed and what man do you know wears sunscreen on their ears?

Detail of the face with a human ear

I wax a lot of men’s ears for unwanted hair so I have the opportunity to examine them closely.  Some men grow hair on the back of the ear so I check back there looking for stray long hairs.  I also check all the folds for hair.  Most men have the most hair on the outer rim.  From a cancer viewpoint that may not be the worst possible scenario because that hair will protect the skin from the sun.  From a grooming standpoint, hair on the ears is not attractive.

As a man, there are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself from basal cell on your ears: wear sunscreen; if you are getting your hair cut have your ears inspected by the  stylist and ask anyone who comes in contact with your ears to give them an inspection.  It might be on of the best things you’ve ever done!

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Myths About Aging

Look around you.  Advertising touts youth and life is better when you are young!  Well, contrary to the stereotype of later life as a time of loneliness, depression and decline, scientific research show that in many ways, life gets better as we get older.

Ti porto al mare

Friendships are more meaningful as older adults prioritize what is important to them.  Think back to your 20’s when you had a stable of friends willing to have fun with you.  Now, less friends but they are the type of friends that will stick around through anything, otherwise you would not be friends with them.  Older adults typically report better marriages, more supportive friendships and less conflict with children and the workplace.

Workers 55 or older make up 22% of the US labor force, up from 12% in 1992.  Economics may be driving this but a desire to be productive and contribute is also common.  Older workers bring a plethora of experience; know how to avoid errors and in general are easy to get along with.  They also aren’t entitled and are happy to earn every dollar they make.

Older adults tend to be creative too.  Many artists, poets, and novelists have put forth their best work as older adults.  Experimental artists improve with experience.  Some examples are Mark Twain, Frank Lloyd Wright and Virginian Woolf.  These artists rely on wisdom which can be  the ability to solve problems by seeing different perspectives and,  wisdom increases with age.

Granted, there are those older adults who have health ailments that take a toll on physical and mental health.  Still, those that fall into the stereotype of being depressed, irritable and and cranky make up no more than 10% of the older population.  Sure, things creak and one can’t remember what they had for breakfast yesterday but the important message is to embrace your age and live it without any regrets for the past.


Source:WSJ 12/1/14 Why Everything You Know About Aging Is Probably Wrong
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How to Winterize Your Skin

winter portrait of a beautiful blondeWinter is on the horizon. To avoid flaky, itchy, dull skin, here are some tips:

Pale skin: Pale skin is an accident waiting to happen causing skin damage. Always wear sunscreen, take some Vitamin D and moisturize day and night.

Hairy legs: The colder weather months are a perfect time to start a regular waxing routine. Plus, it will leave hair thinner and lighter for summer and thus, easier to wax.

Dry, irritated legs: Exfoliate, exfoliate with a good moisturizing body wash. After showering, pat yourself dry and use a heavy moisturizer. If you are extra dry and scaly, mix two cups of whole milk in a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes, grab a good loofa and exfoliate.

Less moisture in the body: Increase the amount of liquid. Drink more water, start eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and the newly popular chia seeds.

Dry hands and cracked cuticles: Make sure to always use a heavy hand cream after washing your hands and a cuticle oil whenever possible.  Before bed, put a heavy moisturizer  on your hands and feet and then sleep in gloves and socks.

Lips: Don’t forget your lips—moisturize with a lip balm regularly. Depending on the severity of the weather, think about limiting exfoliation and instead use moisturizers, hydrating serums & night creams. This is the time of the year to use a nourishing vitamin packed masque for extra hydration.


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