Look Natural With Flawless Skin

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1. Perfect Complexion

The look is quite simple—you want to accentuate your natural beauty. For a flawless application, cleanse and moisturize your skin before putting on any makeup.  Exfoliate regularly.  This gives you a smooth, clean canvas to work on because dead skin cells are removed and the application of foundation glides on. Once your skin is dry, apply a dime-size amount of foundation with your fingers. Brushes and sponges can cause makeup to look cakey. Sheer it out using your hands. Hide any remaining redness or blemishes with concealer.  Apply a translucent powder lightly to set the foundation.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget to apply foundation to your neck as well. It will keep the coverage even and natural-looking.

2. Add A Flush

Blend a cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks, then play up your features with highlighter or a shimmery cream shadow on the cheekbones, brow bones,  and inner corners of the eyes. Don’t go too heavy; keep it light and airy.

3. Finishing Touches

Open up your eyes with a swipe of black liner along your upper lids, then curl your lashes and apply one coat of black mascara. Remember, less is more.


Source:  Bazaar Magazine Courtesy of Mabelline New York

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Age Spots? Why Me?

Skin, spot, face.

Most Dark Spots caused by the sun are not dangerous, but a dermatologist can help you stay on top of changing patterns that can signal problems.  As we age, they seem to pop up more and more and can be annoying.  Chemical peels can help by encouraging cell turnover but sometimes being a little more aggressive does the trick.

The Fix

Zap ’em. Brown spots are often harmless solar lentigines, also known as age spots. About 14 percent of middle-aged people have them, notes a study in the journal PLOS One. These crop up more as you age, inplaces that see the most UV rays, such as your face, hands and forearms. Use a skin-lightening cream, or a dermatologist can zap the spots with liquid nitrogen or a laser.

Freezse them off! Seborrheic keratoses are genetic wart-like growths that are anywhere from yellow to brown to black in color. Although they are harmless, they can sometimes be quite scary looking. It is encouraged for most patients to leave the spots alone, but a dermatologist can freeze them for you.

Laser away. Red bumps are often cherry angiomas—clusters of dilated blood vessels. They’re benign, but if you hate how they look, a doctor can erase them with a laser or shave them off with a scalpel.

Act Now.  If any skin spot concerns you. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Symptoms for basal and squamous cell cancers include an unusual growth that doesn’t heal. Signs of melanoma include a new spot, or one that changes size, shape or color. Your dermatologist can help track dangerous changes.

Source:  AARP Magazine August/ September 2015

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Is It Bad if You Accidentally Swallow a Bug?

ladybug isolated on white backgroundIt happens every day. You’re out for a run or on your bicycle and an insect lands in your mouth. Besides the ick factor does it harm you?  It depends.  Generally not, but if you are allergic to that particular bug, it can be a problem.  The most common allergy is to wasps or bees.  An allergic reaction can cause you to break out in hives; have swelling in the face, throat or mouth; difficulty breathing; dizziness; a drop in blood pressure; and even cardiac arrest. If you know that you are allergic to bees and wasps and are doing any outdoor activity, make sure you carry your EpiPen  to counteract the symptoms.

Most people get bit or stung during the summer months. I usually get bit by spiders because I’m in the garden moving dirt.  The last time I was bitten by a critter part of my foot swelled and it lasted for 3 days.  Swallowing a bug now and then probably won’t be a problem for most.

Other Situations Where You Can Encounter Bugs:

  • Your pets can be a source of fleas.  Eating fleas is a common way to get the double-pored dog tapeworm. Keep your pets free of fleas and other bugs by bringing them in for regular checkups at the vet.
  • Dry goods in your cupboards can be a source of bugs.  Ingesting beetles, even if they are dead, can transmit the dwarf tapeworm. Keep beetles out of your dry cereals, flour and grains and store them in airtight containers.

Some people believe that swallowing an occasional live bug adds to their protein intake. Good theory, but it won’t make a difference for the occasional bug.   If you think they are a good source of protein, you are not alone; in some countries bugs are considered a delicacy.  For the rest of us, it is advised to cook your bugs first before you eat them!


Source: Wall Street Journal




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