New Year. New Skin Care Habits.


Happy New Year!

Have you decided what your New Year’s resolution will be for 2018? If not, you’re in luck! How about making 2018 your Year of Habit? Or breaking the habit of not washing your face before bed? If you’re already on board and religiously do this anyway – great! If not, what better time for change than now? As the kids say – New Year. New ME.

I used to never wear makeup and therefore figured I didn’t have to wash my face before bed. I mean, what’s the point? If I’m not wearing heavy makeup or sweating from working out then why do I have to do this? Then my late 20s, skin change, and acne rolled in…big disappointment all around! I realized not only would I have to search for the proper products for my skin type, but also start investing the time into a new skin care routine. At first, it felt like such a hassle and waste of product – until I started seeing results.

After only about a month of this new routine I started experiencing less break outs and noticing a certain radiance I hadn’t seen in a LONG time. Now, don’t get me wrong! I’d also been eating more fruits/vegetables as well as washing my pillow sheets regularly. But, the difference in washing my face in the morning and wiping down with micellar water at night was shocking! Even around my monthly visit from Mother Nature (which tended to be when the majority of my breakouts happened) my skin was still fresh and for the most part acne-free.

Why do I have to wash my face before bed?

  • SMOG. Yes, if you live in a largely populated area you are experience smog, dirt, dust, and Lord knows what else! The elements around you, whatever they may be, stick to your face and clog your pores. Gross.
  • EYE PROTECTION. While you’re tossing and turning, it’s possible for your liner, shadow and eye lashes (with the makeup you left on them – that have been collecting dust and germs all day) to break off and enter your eyes. Unfortunately, this can cause irritation and (worst case scenario) infection such as styes which are painful and very irritating.
  • HYDRATION. Cleansing and reapplying moisturizer can help prevent rugged, wrinkled and aged skin. If washing your face at night can help manage PH levels and assist in maintaining a radiant, hydrated, youthful look – I’m all for it.

CHEERS to 2018 and HEALTHY skin! 


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The Magic of Micellar Water

Are you as dry as I am this Winter?

Yet again, I’d fallen down another rabbit hole while surfing the web! What did I find this time? One of those intriguing “my favorite products” videos on Youtube. Love these! This one in particular covered an interview with a celebrity makeup artist named Amy Nadine. Ohhhhh yes – game changer coming! Even if you don’t agree with everything you find on the internet, it’s always interesting to hear what someone (whose entire career is centered around making those damn celebs look so amazing) has to say about their favorite trends in skincare products.

How have I never noticed micellar water? Apparently, this product has been super popular in Paris due to the hard water that runs through their systems…which can be really harsh on folks with sensitive skin (or any skin type in general). But after seeing Amy’s video – where she literally states she hasn’t “washed her face in two years”, I started seeing it EVERYWHERE. Every single brand you can name on the shelves at CVS has its own version!

All have pretty much the same directions:

STEP 1: Liberally saturate a cotton pad with micellar water

STEP 2: Hold over closed eyes for a fews seconds (to assist in heavy eye makeup removal)

STEP 3: Gently swab the rest of your face, under-chin, and neck

STEP 4: Let dry (no need to rinse!)


Micellar water is made up of micelles. A micelle, according to Wikipedia, “is an aggregate (or supramolecular assembly) of surfactant molecules dispersed in a liquid colloid. Typically, a micelle in aqueous solution forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic “head” regions in contact with surrounding solvent, sequestering the hydrophobic single-tail regions in the micelle centre”. WOAH, that’s a lot of science!

Basically, the watery substance is filled with tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water. The micelles are attracted to the dirt and oil collecting on your face after a long day. Their job is to draw out impurities without drying out your skin. For folks with temperamental skin – this is a great tool considering soap bars and face wash can strip your skin of natural hydrators as well as disrupt the pH balance. Micelles merely cling to dirt, oil, pollution, makeup and dissolve them while leaving behind freshly hydrated skin! 


  • Tone your skin
  • Clean face in the AM / gently remove makeup in the PM
  • Cleanse your face after the gym or outdoor activities (remember, no rinsing required)
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Hydrate and refresh your skin
  • Hand sanitizer


  • IF you’re using a lot of product each day which seem to be drying out your skin or causing acne/breakouts
  • IF you suffer from dry skin (in general)
  • IF you want to cut down on time spent during your morning routine
  • IF on the road/or flight and don’t have access to a sink to wash your face

TRY IT OUT! Let us know what you think! Share your thoughts and the brand you tried to our Facebook page. 🙂

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Going CO-CO for Coconut Oil!

2017. WHAT A  YEAR. It was the year I discovered the best uses for coconut oil. Call me “late to they game” but, HEY! I’m from the Western-side of the World, where folks quickly turn to medication as a solution to solving their problems instead of natural remedies! How was I to know?

I mean, think about it! If you have a headache – take an Advil. Think you’re losing your mind? Get prescribed to Xanax. If you even THINK you’re going to get sick this winter – better go get your flu shot! Growing up in a society where you’re taught a pill can solve your problems has really set us back! If there’s a natural product that can gain the same result without ingesting something (modern medication) that doesn’t truly belong in your body – why not try it?


Until this year, I have NEVER suffered from severely dry skin – most certainly not on my noggin! Not sure what that’s all about – but I’ve found that melting raw coconut oil and leaving it on my scalp is very soothing! ALSO, it makes my hair soft, shiny, and strong. This is amazing news for someone on a budget. Feel free to head to my favorite store (Trader Joe’s) to pick up a jar for about $6! Not only does my scalp feel better – but my hair looks great.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • empty glass jar
  • 2-3 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil
  • large syringe (not mandatory)


  • Assuming the coconut oil is solid, melt it first by scooping 2-3 tablespoons into your glass jar. Personally, I like to set the jar in the sink and let hot water fill up around the outside of the jar until the raw oil starts to thaw. DO NOT BOIL. DO NOT MICROWAVE. ← These alternative methods for melting can deplete the oil of it’s natural, curing nutrients. To this mixture, I like to add about ⅓  a cup of water.
  • On a damp head of hair, use the syringe to help evenly distribute the oily-liquid around scalp.
  • Let sit for at least 30 minutes to overnight. However long you want! (If leaving oil in overnight – add hair wrap or shower cap to the list)
  • To finish, wash and condition your hair as normal! So easy!

After repeating this process a couple of times a week, my scalp is feeling  relieved. What are your favorite uses for coconut oil? Head to our Facebook page to share your thoughts!

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